While HVPA cannot endorse specific services, we acknowledge that many people find comfort and help through the organizations listed here, either as a participant in services which are entirely separate from those offered by HVPA members, or as a helpful complement to psychotherapy provided by our members.

Organizations and web links change. While these were accurate when posted, we cannot guarantee that all of these are current.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA):

Dutchess - 845-452-1111
Orange - 845-534-8525
Ulster - 845-326-2525

Al-Anon (for family members of people with alcohol problems):


Bereavement Support Resources

Download in PDF Format

Call Centers for Mental Health Crises:

Dutchess - 845-486-2700 / 845-485-9700
Orange - 888-750-2266
Ulster - 845-340-9000

Domestic Violence 24-Hour Hotlines:

Dutchess - 845-485-5550
Orange - 888-503-4673
Ulster - 845-679-2485

Mental Health America:

Dutchess - 845-473-2500 - www.mhadc.com
Orange - 800-342-2400 - www.mhaorangeny.com
Ulster - 845-339-9090 x113 - www.mhainulster.com

The Children's Psychotherapy Project:

A Home Within - Long term psychotherapy pro bono: 845-452-3387

Military/Veterans and Military Families

Suicide Prevention Hotline

1-800-273 TALK (8255)

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